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author卜部昌平 <>2019-08-26 15:27:48 +0900
committer卜部昌平 <>2019-08-27 15:52:26 +0900
commitaf5e2566405e4808a6d0a29c5b7d305d6fc0aada (patch)
treedcf0697d8b5b5c441025ca8bf4613e44aa21dea5 /ext/racc/cparse/cparse.c
parent703783324c16b8b2b50210d1a7d1119902abbb8b (diff)
rb_catch now free from ANYARGS
After 5e86b005c0f2ef30df2f9906c7e2f3abefe286a2, I now think ANYARGS is dangerous and should be extinct. This commit deletes ANYARGS from rb_catch, and fixes some bugs revealed by that.
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/ext/racc/cparse/cparse.c b/ext/racc/cparse/cparse.c
index cc0e8659be..ca74b80000 100644
--- a/ext/racc/cparse/cparse.c
+++ b/ext/racc/cparse/cparse.c
@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@ static void extract_user_token _((struct cparse_params *v,
VALUE block_args, VALUE *tok, VALUE *val));
static void shift _((struct cparse_params* v, long act, VALUE tok, VALUE val));
static int reduce _((struct cparse_params* v, long act));
-static VALUE reduce0 _((VALUE block_args, VALUE data, VALUE self));
+static rb_block_call_func reduce0;
#ifdef DEBUG
# define D_puts(msg) if (v->sys_debug) puts(msg)
@@ -708,7 +708,7 @@ reduce(struct cparse_params *v, long act)
static VALUE
-reduce0(VALUE val, VALUE data, VALUE self)
+reduce0(RB_BLOCK_CALL_FUNC_ARGLIST(_, data))
struct cparse_params *v = rb_check_typeddata(data, &cparse_params_type);
VALUE reduce_to, reduce_len, method_id;