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committerHiroshi SHIBATA <>2021-05-10 19:19:35 +0900
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[ruby/psych] Fix some typos [ci skip]
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diff --git a/ext/psych/yaml/scanner.c b/ext/psych/yaml/scanner.c
index 6acee7d465..bb5d201274 100644
--- a/ext/psych/yaml/scanner.c
+++ b/ext/psych/yaml/scanner.c
@@ -273,7 +273,7 @@
* The tokens BLOCK-SEQUENCE-START and BLOCK-MAPPING-START denote indentation
* increase that precedes a block collection (cf. the INDENT token in Python).
* The token BLOCK-END denote indentation decrease that ends a block collection
- * (cf. the DEDENT token in Python). However YAML has some syntax pecularities
+ * (cf. the DEDENT token in Python). However YAML has some syntax peculiarities
* that makes detections of these tokens more complex.
* The tokens BLOCK-ENTRY, KEY, and VALUE are used to represent the indicators
@@ -3287,7 +3287,7 @@ yaml_parser_scan_flow_scalar(yaml_parser_t *parser, yaml_token_t *token,
/* Check if we are at the end of the scalar. */
- /* Fix for crash unitialized value crash
+ /* Fix for crash uninitialized value crash
* Credit for the bug and input is to OSS Fuzz
* Credit for the fix to Alex Gaynor