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[ruby/optparse] Fix the test failure i ruby/rubyHEADmaster
``` $ make test-all TESTS=test/optparse/ ... [148/178] TestOptionParserDidYouMean#test_raise_unknown = 0.00 s 1) Failure: TestOptionParserDidYouMean#test_raise_unknown [/home/mame/work/ruby/test/optparse/test_optparse.rb:106]: <["--bar"]> expected but was <[]>. ``` In the old test/unit (bundled in ruby/ruby), when a test class inherits from another test class, the child class runs all the tests defined in the parent class. However, it looks like the new test/unit does not do so. This is because the test failure does not occur in ruby/optparse. As a tentative solution, this changes the option names in TestOptionParser to avoid the name conflict with TestOptionParserDidYouMean.
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