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--- /dev/null
+++ b/ext/json/parser/parser.h
@@ -0,0 +1,93 @@
+#ifndef _PARSER_H_
+#define _PARSER_H_
+#include "ruby.h"
+#ifndef HAVE_RUBY_RE_H
+#include "re.h"
+#ifdef HAVE_RUBY_ST_H
+#include "ruby/st.h"
+#include "st.h"
+#define option_given_p(opts, key) RTEST(rb_funcall(opts, i_key_p, 1, key))
+/* unicode */
+typedef unsigned long UTF32; /* at least 32 bits */
+typedef unsigned short UTF16; /* at least 16 bits */
+typedef unsigned char UTF8; /* typically 8 bits */
+#define UNI_SUR_HIGH_START (UTF32)0xD800
+#define UNI_SUR_LOW_START (UTF32)0xDC00
+#define UNI_SUR_LOW_END (UTF32)0xDFFF
+typedef struct JSON_ParserStruct {
+ VALUE Vsource;
+ char *source;
+ long len;
+ char *memo;
+ VALUE create_id;
+ int max_nesting;
+ int current_nesting;
+ int allow_nan;
+ int parsing_name;
+ int symbolize_names;
+ int quirks_mode;
+ VALUE object_class;
+ VALUE array_class;
+ int create_additions;
+ VALUE match_string;
+ FBuffer *fbuffer;
+} JSON_Parser;
+#define GET_PARSER \
+ if (!json->Vsource) rb_raise(rb_eTypeError, "uninitialized instance")
+#define GET_PARSER_INIT \
+ JSON_Parser *json; \
+ TypedData_Get_Struct(self, JSON_Parser, &JSON_Parser_type, json)
+#define MinusInfinity "-Infinity"
+#define EVIL 0x666
+static UTF32 unescape_unicode(const unsigned char *p);
+static int convert_UTF32_to_UTF8(char *buf, UTF32 ch);
+static char *JSON_parse_object(JSON_Parser *json, char *p, char *pe, VALUE *result);
+static char *JSON_parse_value(JSON_Parser *json, char *p, char *pe, VALUE *result);
+static char *JSON_parse_integer(JSON_Parser *json, char *p, char *pe, VALUE *result);
+static char *JSON_parse_float(JSON_Parser *json, char *p, char *pe, VALUE *result);
+static char *JSON_parse_array(JSON_Parser *json, char *p, char *pe, VALUE *result);
+static VALUE json_string_unescape(VALUE result, char *string, char *stringEnd);
+static char *JSON_parse_string(JSON_Parser *json, char *p, char *pe, VALUE *result);
+static VALUE convert_encoding(VALUE source);
+static VALUE cParser_initialize(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
+static VALUE cParser_parse(VALUE self);
+static JSON_Parser *JSON_allocate(void);
+static void JSON_mark(void *json);
+static void JSON_free(void *json);
+static VALUE cJSON_parser_s_allocate(VALUE klass);
+static VALUE cParser_source(VALUE self);
+#ifndef ZALLOC
+#define ZALLOC(type) ((type *)ruby_zalloc(sizeof(type)))
+static inline void *ruby_zalloc(size_t n)
+ void *p = ruby_xmalloc(n);
+ memset(p, 0, n);
+ return p;
+#ifdef TypedData_Wrap_Struct
+static const rb_data_type_t JSON_Parser_type;
+#define TypedData_Wrap_Struct(klass, ignore, json) Data_Wrap_Struct(klass, JSON_mark, JSON_free, json)
+#define TypedData_Get_Struct(self, JSON_Parser, ignore, json) Data_Get_Struct(self, JSON_Parser, json)