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* ext/json: Update to JSON 1.4.1.
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+++ b/ext/json/generator/generator.h
@@ -0,0 +1,170 @@
+#ifndef _GENERATOR_H_
+#define _GENERATOR_H_
+#include <string.h>
+#include <assert.h>
+#include <math.h>
+#include "ruby.h"
+#include "ruby/re.h"
+#if HAVE_RE_H
+#include "re.h"
+#include "ruby/encoding.h"
+#define FORCE_UTF8(obj) rb_enc_associate((obj), rb_utf8_encoding())
+#define FORCE_UTF8(obj)
+#define option_given_p(opts, key) RTEST(rb_funcall(opts, i_key_p, 1, key))
+#ifndef RHASH_SIZE
+#define RHASH_SIZE(hsh) (RHASH(hsh)->tbl->num_entries)
+#define RFLOAT_VALUE(val) (RFLOAT(val)->value)
+#ifndef RARRAY_PTR
+#ifndef RARRAY_LEN
+#ifndef RSTRING_PTR
+#define RSTRING_PTR(string) RSTRING(string)->ptr
+#ifndef RSTRING_LEN
+#define RSTRING_LEN(string) RSTRING(string)->len
+#define RSTRING_PAIR(string) RSTRING_PTR(string), RSTRING_LEN(string)
+/* fbuffer implementation */
+typedef struct FBufferStruct {
+ unsigned int initial_length;
+ char *ptr;
+ unsigned int len;
+ unsigned int capa;
+} FBuffer;
+#define FBUFFER_PTR(fb) (fb->ptr)
+#define FBUFFER_LEN(fb) (fb->len)
+#define FBUFFER_CAPA(fb) (fb->capa)
+static char *fstrndup(const char *ptr, int len);
+static FBuffer *fbuffer_alloc();
+static FBuffer *fbuffer_alloc_with_length(unsigned initial_length);
+static void fbuffer_free(FBuffer *fb);
+static void fbuffer_free_only_buffer(FBuffer *fb);
+static void fbuffer_clear(FBuffer *fb);
+static void fbuffer_append(FBuffer *fb, const char *newstr, unsigned int len);
+static void fbuffer_append_long(FBuffer *fb, long number);
+static void fbuffer_append_char(FBuffer *fb, char newchr);
+static FBuffer *fbuffer_dup(FBuffer *fb);
+/* unicode defintions */
+typedef unsigned long UTF32; /* at least 32 bits */
+typedef unsigned short UTF16; /* at least 16 bits */
+typedef unsigned char UTF8; /* typically 8 bits */
+#define UNI_MAX_BMP (UTF32)0x0000FFFF
+#define UNI_MAX_UTF16 (UTF32)0x0010FFFF
+#define UNI_MAX_UTF32 (UTF32)0x7FFFFFFF
+#define UNI_MAX_LEGAL_UTF32 (UTF32)0x0010FFFF
+#define UNI_SUR_HIGH_START (UTF32)0xD800
+#define UNI_SUR_LOW_START (UTF32)0xDC00
+#define UNI_SUR_LOW_END (UTF32)0xDFFF
+static const int halfShift = 10; /* used for shifting by 10 bits */
+static const UTF32 halfBase = 0x0010000UL;
+static const UTF32 halfMask = 0x3FFUL;
+static unsigned char isLegalUTF8(const UTF8 *source, int length);
+static void unicode_escape(char *buf, UTF16 character);
+static void unicode_escape_to_buffer(FBuffer *buffer, char buf[6], UTF16 character);
+static void convert_UTF8_to_JSON_ASCII(FBuffer *buffer, VALUE string);
+static void convert_UTF8_to_JSON(FBuffer *buffer, VALUE string);
+/* ruby api and some helpers */
+typedef struct JSON_Generator_StateStruct {
+ char *indent;
+ long indent_len;
+ char *space;
+ long space_len;
+ char *space_before;
+ long space_before_len;
+ char *object_nl;
+ long object_nl_len;
+ char *array_nl;
+ long array_nl_len;
+ FBuffer *array_delim;
+ FBuffer *object_delim;
+ FBuffer *object_delim2;
+ long max_nesting;
+ char allow_nan;
+ char ascii_only;
+} JSON_Generator_State;
+#define GET_STATE(self) \
+ JSON_Generator_State *state; \
+ Data_Get_Struct(self, JSON_Generator_State, state)
+static VALUE mHash_to_json(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
+static VALUE mArray_to_json(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
+static VALUE mInteger_to_json(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
+static VALUE mFloat_to_json(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
+static VALUE mString_included_s(VALUE self, VALUE modul);
+static VALUE mString_to_json(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
+static VALUE mString_to_json_raw_object(VALUE self);
+static VALUE mString_to_json_raw(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
+static VALUE mString_Extend_json_create(VALUE self, VALUE o);
+static VALUE mTrueClass_to_json(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
+static VALUE mFalseClass_to_json(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
+static VALUE mNilClass_to_json(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
+static VALUE mObject_to_json(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
+static void State_free(JSON_Generator_State *state);
+static JSON_Generator_State *State_allocate();
+static VALUE cState_s_allocate(VALUE klass);
+static VALUE cState_configure(VALUE self, VALUE opts);
+static VALUE cState_to_h(VALUE self);
+static void generate_json(FBuffer *buffer, VALUE Vstate, JSON_Generator_State *state, VALUE obj, long depth);
+static VALUE cState_partial_generate(VALUE self, VALUE obj, VALUE depth);
+static VALUE cState_generate(VALUE self, VALUE obj);
+static VALUE cState_initialize(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
+static VALUE cState_from_state_s(VALUE self, VALUE opts);
+static VALUE cState_indent(VALUE self);
+static VALUE cState_indent_set(VALUE self, VALUE indent);
+static VALUE cState_space(VALUE self);
+static VALUE cState_space_set(VALUE self, VALUE space);
+static VALUE cState_space_before(VALUE self);
+static VALUE cState_space_before_set(VALUE self, VALUE space_before);
+static VALUE cState_object_nl(VALUE self);
+static VALUE cState_object_nl_set(VALUE self, VALUE object_nl);
+static VALUE cState_array_nl(VALUE self);
+static VALUE cState_array_nl_set(VALUE self, VALUE array_nl);
+static VALUE cState_max_nesting(VALUE self);
+static VALUE cState_max_nesting_set(VALUE self, VALUE depth);
+static VALUE cState_allow_nan_p(VALUE self);
+static VALUE cState_ascii_only_p(VALUE self);