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[ruby/fiddle] Add a "pinning" reference (#44)
* Add a "pinning" reference A `Fiddle::Pinned` objects will prevent the objects they point to from moving. This is useful in the case where you need to pass a reference to a C extension that keeps the address in a global and needs the address to be stable. For example: ```ruby class Foo A = "hi" # this is an embedded string some_c_function A # A might move! end ``` If `A` moves, then the underlying string buffer may also move. `Fiddle::Pinned` will prevent the object from moving: ```ruby class Foo A = "hi" # this is an embedded string A_pinner = # :nodoc: some_c_function A # A can't move because of `Fiddle::Pinned` end ``` This is a similar strategy to what Graal uses: * rename global to match exception name * Introduce generic Fiddle::Error and rearrange error classes Fiddle::Error is the generic exception base class for Fiddle exceptions. This commit introduces the class and rearranges Fiddle exceptions to inherit from it.
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