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ObjectSpace.dump_all: dump shapes as wellHEADmaster
I see several arguments in doing so. First they use a non trivial amount of memory, so for various memory profiling/mapping tools it is relevant to have visibility of the space occupied by shapes. Then, some pathological code can create a tons of shape, so it is valuable to have a way to have a way to observe shapes without having to compile Ruby with `SHAPE_DEBUG=1`. And additionally it's likely much faster to dump then this way than to use `RubyVM::Shape`. There are however a few open questions: - Shapes can't respect the `since:` argument. Not sure what to do when it is provided. Would probably make sense to not dump them. - Maybe it would make more sense to have a separate `ObjectSpace.dump_shapes`? - Maybe instead `dump_all` should take a `shapes: false` argument? Additionally, `ObjectSpace.dump_shapes` is added for the use case of debugging the evolution of the shape tree.
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