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* ext/dl: change the callback mechanism.
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@@ -52,9 +52,9 @@ struct and union which are defined in "dl/struct.rb" as follows:
"long tv_uses",
- val = LIBC::Timeval.alloc # allocate the memory.
+ val = LIBC::Timeval.malloc # allocate the memory.
-The above example uses LIBC::Timeval.alloc, since we use
+The above example uses LIBC::Timeval.malloc, since we use
to wrap the given PtrData object which is, for example, created by DL::malloc().
DL::malloc() is a function to allocate a memory by using the C library function
@@ -244,10 +244,10 @@ the type of each argument.
p : a mutable object (void *)
0 : void function (this must be a first character of the prototype)
-the cbtype consists of type specifiers 0, I, L, D and P.
+the cbtype consists of type specifiers 0, C, I, H, L, F, D, S and P.
for example:
- DL.set_callback('IPP',0){|ptr1,ptr2|
+ DL.callback('IPP'){|ptr1,ptr2|
str1 = ptr1.ptr.to_s
str2 = ptr2.ptr.to_s
return str1 <=> str2