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Add FrozenError#receiver
Similar to NameError#receiver, this returns the object on which the modification was attempted. This is useful as it can pinpoint exactly what is frozen. In many cases when a FrozenError is raised, you cannot determine from the context which object is frozen that you attempted to modify. Users of the current rb_error_frozen C function will have to switch to using rb_error_frozen_object or the new rb_frozen_error_raise in order to set the receiver of the FrozenError. To allow the receiver to be set from Ruby, support an optional second argument to FrozenError#initialize. Implements [Feature #15751]
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diff --git a/eval.c b/eval.c
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--- a/eval.c
+++ b/eval.c
@@ -454,7 +454,7 @@ rb_class_modify_check(VALUE klass)
goto noclass;
- rb_error_frozen(desc);
+ rb_frozen_error_raise(klass, "can't modify frozen %s", desc);