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[ruby/irb] Centralize coloring control (
* Use colorable: argument as the only coloring control * Centalize color controling logic at Color.colorable? There are 2 requirements for coloring output: 1. It's supported on the platform 2. The user wants it: `IRB.conf[:USE_COLORIZE] == true` Right now we check 1 and 2 separately whenever we colorize things. But it's error-prone because while 1 is the default of `colorable` parameter, 2 always need to manually checked. When 2 is overlooked, it causes issues like And there's 0 case where we may want to colorize even when the user disables it. So I think we should merge 2 into `Color.colorable?` so it can be automatically picked up. * Add tests for all inspect modes * Simplify inspectors' coloring logic * Replace use_colorize? with Color.colorable? * Remove Context#use_colorize cause it's redundant
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