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authorakr <akr@b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e>2008-09-16 16:48:05 +0000
committerakr <akr@b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e>2008-09-16 16:48:05 +0000
commita67d4fa01c43124048be957f7d8e4090b7255393 (patch)
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parentbad9a9ad0d211f9c0a5c0eb12bdb57e49fa900fd (diff)
* include/ruby/oniguruma.h (OnigEncodingTypeST): add precise_ret
argument for mbc_to_code. (ONIGENC_MBC_TO_CODE): provide NULL for precise_ret. (ONIGENC_MBC_PRECISE_CODEPOINT): defined. * include/ruby/encoding.h (rb_enc_mbc_precise_codepoint): defined. * regenc.h (onigenc_single_byte_mbc_to_code): precise_ret argument added. (onigenc_mbn_mbc_to_code): ditto. * regenc.c (onigenc_single_byte_mbc_to_code): precise_ret argument added. (onigenc_mbn_mbc_to_code): ditto. * string.c (count_utf8_lead_bytes_with_word): removed. (str_utf8_nth): removed. (str_utf8_offset): removed. (str_strlen): UTF-8 codepoint oriented optimization removed. (rb_str_substr): ditto. (enc_succ_char): use rb_enc_mbc_precise_codepoint. (enc_pred_char): ditto. (rb_str_succ): ditto. * encoding.c (rb_enc_ascget): check length with rb_enc_mbc_precise_codepoint. (rb_enc_codepoint): use rb_enc_mbc_precise_codepoint. * regexec.c (string_cmp_ic): add text_end argument. (match_at): check end of character after exact string matches. * enc/utf_8.c (graphme_table): defined for extended graphme cluster boundary. (grapheme_cmp): defined. (get_grapheme_properties): defined. (grapheme_boundary_p): defined. (MAX_BYTES_LENGTH): defined. (comb_char_enc_len): defined. (mbc_to_code0): extracted from mbc_to_code. (mbc_to_code): use mbc_to_code0. (left_adjust_combchar_head): defined. (utf_8): use a extended graphme cluster as a unit. * enc/unicode.c (onigenc_unicode_mbc_case_fold): use ONIGENC_MBC_PRECISE_CODEPOINT to extract codepoints. (onigenc_unicode_get_case_fold_codes_by_str): ditto. * enc/euc_jp.c (mbc_to_code): follow mbc_to_code field change. use onigenc_mbn_mbc_to_code. * enc/shift_jis.c (mbc_to_code): ditto. * enc/emacs_mule.c (mbc_to_code): ditto. * enc/gbk.c (gbk_mbc_to_code): follow mbc_to_code field and onigenc_mbn_mbc_to_code change. * enc/cp949.c (cp949_mbc_to_code): ditto. * enc/big5.c (big5_mbc_to_code): ditto. * enc/euc_tw.c (euctw_mbc_to_code): ditto. * enc/euc_kr.c (euckr_mbc_to_code): ditto. * enc/gb18030.c (gb18030_mbc_to_code): ditto. * enc/utf_32be.c (utf32be_mbc_to_code): follow mbc_to_code field change. * enc/utf_16be.c (utf16be_mbc_to_code): ditto. * enc/utf_32le.c (utf32le_mbc_to_code): ditto. * enc/utf_16le.c (utf16le_mbc_to_code): ditto. git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 14 deletions
diff --git a/enc/gb18030.c b/enc/gb18030.c
index 16c8c1c..ba6111b 100644
--- a/enc/gb18030.c
+++ b/enc/gb18030.c
@@ -164,21 +164,9 @@ gb18030_mbc_enc_len(const UChar* p, const UChar* e, OnigEncoding enc ARG_UNUSED)
static OnigCodePoint
-gb18030_mbc_to_code(const UChar* p, const UChar* end, OnigEncoding enc)
+gb18030_mbc_to_code(const UChar* p, const UChar* end, int *precise_ret, OnigEncoding enc)
- int c, i, len;
- OnigCodePoint n;
- len = enclen(enc, p, end);
- n = (OnigCodePoint )(*p++);
- if (len == 1) return n;
- for (i = 1; i < len; i++) {
- if (p >= end) break;
- c = *p++;
- n <<= 8; n += c;
- }
- return n;
+ return onigenc_mbn_mbc_to_code(enc, p, end, precise_ret);
static int