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Improve doc of Regexp about "ignore case" behavior [Misc #10836]
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@@ -541,10 +541,15 @@ options which control how the pattern can match.
subexpression level with the
<tt>(?</tt><i>on</i><tt>-</tt><i>off</i><tt>)</tt> construct, which
enables options <i>on</i>, and disables options <i>off</i> for the
-expression enclosed by the parentheses.
+expression enclosed by the parentheses:
- /a(?i:b)c/.match('aBc') #=> #<MatchData "aBc">
- /a(?i:b)c/.match('abc') #=> #<MatchData "abc">
+ /a(?i:b)c/.match('aBc') #=> #<MatchData "aBc">
+ /a(?-i:b)c/i.match('ABC') #=> nil
+Additionally, these options can also be toggled for the remainder of the
+ /a(?i)bc/.match('abC') #=> #<MatchData "abC">
Options may also be used with <tt></tt>: