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Add support for anonymous rest and keyword rest argument forwarding
This allows for the following syntax: ```ruby def foo(*) bar(*) end def baz(**) quux(**) end ``` This is a natural addition after the introduction of anonymous block forwarding. Anonymous rest and keyword rest arguments were already supported in method parameters, this just allows them to be used as arguments to other methods. The same advantages of anonymous block forwarding apply to rest and keyword rest argument forwarding. This has some minor changes to #parameters output. Now, instead of `[:rest], [:keyrest]`, you get `[:rest, :*], [:keyrest, :**]`. These were already used for `...` forwarding, so I think it makes it more consistent to include them in other cases. If we want to use `[:rest], [:keyrest]` in both cases, that is also possible. I don't think the previous behavior of `[:rest], [:keyrest]` in the non-... case and `[:rest, :*], [:keyrest, :**]` in the ... case makes sense, but if we did want that behavior, we'll have to make more substantial changes, such as using a different ID in the ... forwarding case. Implements [Feature #18351]
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@@ -441,6 +441,13 @@ Also, note that a bare <code>*</code> can be used to ignore arguments:
def ignore_arguments(*)
+You can also use a bare <code>*</code> when calling a method to pass the
+arguments directly to another method:
+ def delegate_arguments(*)
+ other_method(*)
+ end
=== Keyword Arguments
Keyword arguments are similar to positional arguments with default values:
@@ -481,6 +488,13 @@ Also, note that <code>**</code> can be used to ignore keyword arguments:
def ignore_keywords(**)
+You can also use <code>**</code> when calling a method to delegate
+keyword arguments to another method:
+ def delegate_keywords(**)
+ other_method(**)
+ end
To mark a method as accepting keywords, but not actually accepting
keywords, you can use the <code>**nil</code>: