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Add --yjit-no-type-prop so we can test YJIT without type propagation (#5135)
* Add --yjit-no-type-prop so we can test YJIT without type propagation * Fix typo in command line option * Leave just two test workflows enable for YJIT
Notes: Merged-By: maximecb <>
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@@ -78,6 +78,14 @@ To support disassembly of the generated code, `libcapstone` is also required (`b
make -j16 install
+On macOS, you may need to specify where to find openssl, libyaml and gdbm:
+# Configure with debugging/stats options for development, build and install
+./configure cppflags="-DRUBY_DEBUG -DYJIT_STATS" --prefix=$HOME/.rubies/ruby-yjit --disable-install-doc --disable--install-rdoc --with-opt-dir=$(brew --prefix openssl):$(brew --prefix readline):$(brew --prefix libyaml):$(brew --prefix gdbm)
+make -j16 install
Typically configure will choose default C compiler. To specify the C compiler, use
# Choosing a specific c compiler