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[DOC] Stop recommending Qfalse==0 assumption to C extensions
Encourage use of RTEST(), direct Qfalse comparison, and remove references to Qfalse == 0 in extension documentation. See [Bug #18397] for detail. [ci skip]
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@@ -93,7 +93,9 @@ There are also faster check macros for fixnums and nil.
The data for type T_NIL, T_FALSE, T_TRUE are nil, false, true
respectively. They are singletons for the data type.
The equivalent C constants are: Qnil, Qfalse, Qtrue.
-Note that Qfalse is false in C also (i.e. 0), but not Qnil.
+RTEST() will return true if a VALUE is neither Qfalse nor Qnil.
+If you need to differentiate Qfalse from Qnil,
+specifically test against Qfalse.
The T_FIXNUM data is a 31bit or 63bit length fixed integer.
This size depends on the size of long: if long is 32bit then