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The Ruby syntax is large and is split up into the following sections:
-Literals[rdoc-ref:doc/syntax/literals.rdoc] ::
+Literals[rdoc-ref:syntax/literals.rdoc] ::
Numbers, Strings, Arrays, Hashes, etc.
-Methods[rdoc-ref:doc/syntax/methods.rdoc] ::
+{Control Expressions}[rdoc-ref:syntax/control_expressions.rdoc] ::
+ +if+, +unless+, +while+, +until+, +for+, +break+, +next+, +redo+
+Methods[rdoc-ref:syntax/methods.rdoc] ::
Method and method argument syntax
-Exceptions[rdoc-ref:doc/syntax/exceptions.rdoc] ::
+{Calling Methods}[rdoc-ref:syntax/calling_methods.rdoc] ::
+ How to call a method (or send a message to a method)
+{Modules and Classes}[rdoc-ref:syntax/modules_and_classes.rdoc] ::
+ Creating modules and classes including inheritance
+Exceptions[rdoc-ref:syntax/exceptions.rdoc] ::
Exception handling syntax
+Precedence[rdoc-ref:syntax/precedence.rdoc] ::
+ Precedence of ruby operators
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If you wish to rescue an exception for only part of your method use +begin+ and
+end+. For more details see the page on {Exception
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=== Methods
For method definition documentation see the {syntax documentation for
Class methods may be called directly. (This is slightly confusing, but a
method on a module is often called a "class method" instead of a "module