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@@ -11,6 +11,27 @@ A method definition consists of the +def+ keyword, a method name, the body of
the method, then the +end+ keyword. When called the method will execute the
body of the method. This method returns <tt>2</tt>.
+A method may be defined on another object. You may define a "class
+method" (a method that is called on the class, not an instance of the class)
+like this:
+ class C
+ def self.my_method
+ # ...
+ end
+ end
+You may also define methods this way on any object:
+ string = "my string"
+ def string.my_method
+ # ...
+ end
+This is called a "singleton method". +my_method+ will only exist on this
+string instance. Other strings will not have +my_method+. You may also
+override existing methods on just one object this way.
== Arguments
A method may accept arguments. The argument list follows the method name: