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[DOC] Update NEWS about close_others [ci skip]
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@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ with all sufficient information, see the ChangeLog file.
required caller size.
* Kernel#to_enum and enum_for accept a block for lazy size evaluation.
* incompatible changes:
- * system() and exec() closes non-standard file descriptors
+ * system() and exec() close non-standard file descriptors
(The default of :close_others option is changed to true by default.)
* respond_to? against a protected method now returns false unless
the second argument is true.
@@ -528,4 +528,3 @@ with all sufficient information, see the ChangeLog file.
* NUM2SHORT() and NUM2USHORT() added. They are similar to NUM2INT, but short.
* rb_newobj_of() and NEWOBJ_OF() added. They create a new object of a given class.