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The YJIT source code is divided between:
- `yjit_asm.c`: x86 in-memory assembler we use to generate machine code
-- `yjit_asm_tests.c`: tests for the in-memory assembler
- `yjit_codegen.c`: logic for translating Ruby bytecode to machine code
- `yjit_core.c`: basic block versioning logic, core structure of YJIT
- `yjit_iface.c`: code YJIT uses to interface with the rest of CRuby
- `yjit.h`: C definitions YJIT exposes to the rest of the CRuby
- `yjit.rb`: `YJIT` Ruby module that is exposed to Ruby
- `misc/`: script to compile and run the in-memory assembler tests
+- `misc/yjit_asm_tests.c`: tests for the in-memory assembler
The core of CRuby's interpreter logic is found in:
- `insns.def`: defines Ruby's bytecode instructions (gets compiled into ``)