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Promote Tracer to default gems.
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@@ -133,8 +133,6 @@ Zachary Scott (zzak)
Tanaka Akira (akr)
Yukihiro Matsumoto (matz)
- Keiju ISHITSUKA (keiju)
Tanaka Akira (akr)
@@ -223,6 +221,8 @@ Zachary Scott (zzak)
Keiju ISHITSUKA (keiju)
+ Keiju ISHITSUKA (keiju)
[lib/webrick.rb, lib/webrick/*]
Eric Wong (normalperson)
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@@ -55,7 +55,6 @@ ThreadsWait:: Watches for termination of multiple threads
Time:: Extends the Time class with methods for parsing and conversion
Timeout:: Auto-terminate potentially long-running operations in Ruby
tmpdir.rb:: Extends the Dir class to manage the OS temporary file path
-Tracer:: Outputs a source level execution trace of a Ruby program
TSort:: Topological sorting using Tarjan's algorithm
un.rb:: Utilities to replace common UNIX commands
URI:: A Ruby module providing support for Uniform Resource Identifiers
@@ -95,6 +94,7 @@ REXML:: An XML toolkit for Ruby
RSS:: Family of libraries that support various formats of XML "feeds"
Scanf:: A Ruby implementation of the C function scanf(3)
Synchronizer:: A module that provides a two-phase lock with a counter
+Tracer:: Outputs a source level execution trace of a Ruby program
WEBrick:: An HTTP server toolkit for Ruby
== Extensions