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The result value of an +if+ expression is the last value executed in the
+== Ternary if
+You may also write a if-then-else expression using <code>?</code> and
+<code>:</code>. This ternary if:
+ input_type = gets =~ /hello/i ? "greeting" : "other"
+Is the same as this +if+ expression:
+ input_type =
+ if gets =~ /hello/i
+ "greeting"
+ else
+ "other"
+ end
+While the ternary if is much shorter to write than the more verbose form, for
+readability it is recommended that the ternary if is only used for simple
+conditionals. Also, avoid using multiple ternary conditions in the same
+expression as this can be confusing.
== +unless+ Expression
The +unless+ expression is the opposite of the +if+ expression. If the value