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When mixing keyword arguments and positional arguments, all positional
arguments must appear before any keyword arguments.
+== Block Argument
+The block argument is indicated by <code>&</code> and must come last:
+ def my_method(&my_block)
+ end
+Most frequently the block argument is used to pass a block to another method:
+ def each_item(&block)
+ @items.each(&block)
+ end
+If you are only going to call the block and will not otherwise manipulate it
+or send it to another method using <code>yield</code> without an explicit
+block parameter is preferred. This method is equivalent to the first method
+in this section:
+ def my_method
+ yield self
+ end
+There is also a performance benefit to using yield over a calling a block
+parameter. When a block argument is assigned to a variable a Proc object is
+created which holds the block. When using yield this Proc object is not
+If you only need to use the block sometimes you can use to create a
+proc from the block that was passed to your method. See for further
== Exception Handling
Methods have an implied exception handling block so you do not need to use