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Unlike the splat operator described above the <code>&</code> operator has no
commonly recognized name.
+== Method Lookup
+When you send a message Ruby looks up the method that matches the name of the
+message for the receiver. Methods are stored in classes and modules so method
+lookup walks these, not the objects themselves.
+Here is the order of method lookup for the receiver's class or module +R+:
+* The prepended modules of +R+ in reverse order
+* For a matching method in +R+
+* The included modules of +R+ in reverse order
+If +R+ is a class with a superclass, this is repeated with +R+'s superclass
+until a method is found.
+Once a match is found method lookup stops.
+If no match is found this repeats from the beginning, but looking for
++method_missing+. The default +method_missing+ is BasicObject#method_missing
+which raises a NameError when invoked.
+If refinements (an experimental feature) are active the method lookup changes.
+See the {refinements documentation}[rdoc-ref:syntax/refinements.rdoc] for