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[DOC] Add documentation for hash value omission syntax
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@@ -210,6 +210,24 @@ definition. If a keyword argument is given that the method did not list,
and the method definition does not accept arbitrary keyword arguments, an
ArgumentError will be raised.
+Keyword argument value can be omitted, meaning the value will be be fetched
+from the context by the name of the key
+ keyword1 = 'some value'
+ my_method(positional1, keyword1:)
+ # the same as
+ my_method(positional1, keyword1: keyword1)
+Be aware that when method parenthesis are omitted, too, the parsing order might
+be unexpected:
+ my_method positional1, keyword1:
+ some_other_expression
+ # actually parsed as
+ my_method(positional1, keyword1: some_other_expression)
=== Block Argument
The block argument sends a closure from the calling scope to the method.