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float_pat.match('3.14') #=> #<MatchData "3.14" 1:".14">
-*Note*: To match whitespace in an <tt>x</tt> pattern use an escape such as
-<tt>\s</tt> or <tt>\p{Space}</tt>.
+There are a number of strategies for matching whitespace:
+* Use a pattern such as <tt>\s</tt> or <tt>\p{Space}</tt>.
+* Use escaped whitespace such as <tt>\ </tt>, i.e. a space preceded by a backslash.
+* Use a character class such as <tt>[ ]</tt>.
Comments can be included in a non-<tt>x</tt> pattern with the
<tt>(?#</tt><i>comment</i><tt>)</tt> construct, where <i>comment</i> is