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-pty extension version 0.3 by A.ito
-1. Introduction
-This extension module adds ruby a functionality to execute an
-arbitrary command through pseudo tty (pty).
-2. Install
-Follow the instruction below.
-(1) Execute
- ruby extconf.rb
- then Makefile is generated.
-(3) Do make; make install.
-3. What you can do
-This extension module defines a module named PTY, which contains
-following module fungtions:
- getpty(command)
- spawn(command)
- This function reserves a pty, executes command over the pty
- and returns an array. The return value is an array with three
- elements. The first element in the array is for reading and the
- second for writing. The third element is the process ID of the
- child process. If this function is called with an iterator block,
- the array is passed to the block as block parameters, and the
- function itself returns nil.
- When the child process is suspended or finished, an exception is
- raised. If this function is called with an iterator block,
- exception is raised only within the block. Child process
- monitor is terminated on block exit.
- protect_signal
- reset_signal
- These functions are obsolete in this version of pty.
- Allocates a pty (pseudo-terminal).
- It returns an array which contains an IO object and a File object.
- The former is the master of the pty.
- The latter is the slave of the pty.
- If a block is given, it yields the array instead of return.
- The value of the block is returned.
- master_io and slave_file is closed when return if they are not closed.
- PTY.check(pid[, raise=false])
- checks the status of the child process specified by pid, and
- returns nil if the process is still alive and active.
- Otherwise, returns Process::Status about the process if raise is
- false, or PTY::ChildExited exception is raised.
-4. License
-(C) Copyright 1998 by Akinori Ito.
-This software may be redistributed freely for this purpose, in full
-or in part, provided that this entire copyright notice is included
-on any copies of this software and applications and derivations thereof.
-This software is provided on an "as is" basis, without warranty of any
-kind, either expressed or implied, as to any matter including, but not
-limited to warranty of fitness of purpose, or merchantability, or
-results obtained from use of this software.
-5. Bug report
-Please feel free to send E-mail to
-for any bug report, opinion, contribution, etc.