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@@ -25,7 +25,11 @@ $$:: The process number of the Ruby running this script.
$?:: The status of the last executed child process.
$::: Load path for scripts and binary modules by load or require.
$":: The array contains the module names loaded by require.
-$DEBUG:: The status of the -d switch.
+$DEBUG:: The debug flag, which is set by the -d switch. Enabling debug
+ output prints each exception raised to $stderr (but not its
+ backtrace). Setting this to a true value enables debug output as
+ if -d were given on the command line. Setting this to a false
+ value disables debug output.
$FILENAME:: Current input file from $<. Same as $<.filename.
$LOAD_PATH:: The alias to the $:.
$stderr:: The current standard error output.
@@ -37,7 +41,7 @@ $VERBOSE:: The verbose flag, which is set by the -w or -v switch. Setting
including from Kernel#warn.
$-0:: The alias to $/.
$-a:: True if option -a is set. Read-only variable.
-$-d:: The alias to $DEBUG.
+$-d:: The alias of $DEBUG. See $DEBUG above for further discusison.
$-F:: The alias to $;.
$-i:: In in-place-edit mode, this variable holds the extension, otherwise nil.
$-I:: The alias to $:.