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fixed document system dependent (case sensitivity is 1.9 feature)
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@@ -1299,8 +1299,7 @@ dir_s_aref(obj, str)
* <i>string</i>, either as an <i>array</i> or as parameters to the
* block. Note that this pattern is not a regexp (it's closer to a
* shell glob). See <code>File::fnmatch</code> for the meaning of
- * the <i>flags</i> parameter. Note that case sensitivity
- * depends on your system (so <code>File::FNM_CASEFOLD</code> is ignored)
+ * the <i>flags</i> parameter.
* <code>*</code>:: Matches any file. Can be restricted by
* other values in the glob. <code>*</code>