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parentf945ea86d84f30772f2af5134626e9ca613dd9d7 (diff)
insns.def (invokesuper): remove a dummy receiever flag hack for ZSUPER
This is just a refactoring. The receiver of "invokesuper" was a boolean to represent if it is ZSUPER or not. This was used in vm_search_super_method to prohibit ZSUPER call in define_method. (It is currently prohibited because of the limitation of the implementation.) This change removes the hack by introducing an explicit flag, VM_CALL_SUPER, to signal the information. Now, the implementation of "invokesuper" is consistent with "send" instruction. git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e
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diff --git a/compile.c b/compile.c
index 5a45820..52d74da 100644
--- a/compile.c
+++ b/compile.c
@@ -6624,11 +6624,10 @@ iseq_compile_each0(rb_iseq_t *iseq, LINK_ANCHOR *const ret, const NODE *node, in
- /* dummy receiver */
- ADD_INSN1(ret, line, putobject, type == NODE_ZSUPER ? Qfalse : Qtrue);
+ ADD_INSN(ret, line, putself);
ADD_SEQ(ret, args);
ADD_INSN3(ret, line, invokesuper,
- new_callinfo(iseq, 0, argc, flag | VM_CALL_SUPER | VM_CALL_FCALL, keywords, parent_block != NULL),
+ new_callinfo(iseq, 0, argc, flag | VM_CALL_SUPER | (type == NODE_ZSUPER ? VM_CALL_ZSUPER : 0) | VM_CALL_FCALL, keywords, parent_block != NULL),
Qnil, /* CALL_CACHE */