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authorAaron Patterson <>2019-04-22 17:14:36 -0700
committerAaron Patterson <>2019-04-22 20:08:01 -0700
commitea520ca9273699fc1c77a71bbeba4b6e06ccfc6c (patch)
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parent660c0716595a8fc942d12317a5c55c038b830e94 (diff)
Prevent rb_define_(class|module) classes from moving
Before this commit, classes and modules would be registered with the VM's `defined_module_hash`. The key was the ID of the class, but that meant that it was possible for hash collisions to occur. The compactor doesn't allow classes in the `defined_module_hash` to move, but if there is a conflict, then it's possible a class would be removed from the hash and not get pined. This commit changes the key / value of the hash just to be the class itself, thus preventing movement.
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diff --git a/class.c b/class.c
index d0ff92b..0cee5ca 100644
--- a/class.c
+++ b/class.c
@@ -659,6 +659,9 @@ rb_define_class(const char *name, VALUE super)
if (rb_class_real(RCLASS_SUPER(klass)) != super) {
rb_raise(rb_eTypeError, "superclass mismatch for class %s", name);
+ /* Class may have been defined in Ruby and not pin-rooted */
+ rb_vm_add_root_module(id, klass);
return klass;
if (!super) {