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* class.c (rb_define_class): Fix documentation.
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@@ -630,12 +630,12 @@ rb_class_inherited(VALUE super, VALUE klass)
* Defines a top-level class.
* \param name name of the class
* \param super a class from which the new class will derive.
- * NULL means \c Object class.
* \return the created class
* \throw TypeError if the constant name \a name is already taken but
* the constant is not a \c Class.
- * \throw NameError if the class is already defined but the class can not
+ * \throw TypeError if the class is already defined but the class can not
* be reopened because its superclass is not \a super.
+ * \throw ArgumentError if the \a super is NULL.
* \post top-level constant named \a name refers the returned class.
* \note if a class named \a name is already defined and its superclass is