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committer卜部昌平 <>2019-08-29 18:34:09 +0900
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drop-in type check for rb_define_module_function
We can check the function pointer passed to rb_define_module_function like how we do so in rb_define_method. The difference is that this changeset reveales lots of atiry mismatches.
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diff --git a/class.c b/class.c
index f35e9bb..05440f5 100644
--- a/class.c
+++ b/class.c
@@ -1750,8 +1750,9 @@ rb_define_singleton_method(VALUE obj, const char *name, VALUE (*func)(ANYARGS),
rb_define_method(singleton_class_of(obj), name, func, argc);
+#ifdef rb_define_module_function
+#undef rb_define_module_function
* Defines a module function for \a module.
* \param module an module or a class.