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* lib/logger.rb: leading 0 padding of timestamp usec part.
* lib/csv.rb (CSV.parse): [CAUTION] behavior changed. in the past, CSV.parse accepts a filename to be read-opened (it was just a shortcut of, 'r')). now CSV.parse accepts a string or a stream to be parsed e.g. CSV.parse("1,2\n3,r") #=> [['1', '2'], ['3', '4']] * lib/csv.rb: CSV::Row and CSV::Cell are deprecated. these classes are removed in the future. in the new csv.rb, row is represented as just an Array. since CSV::Row was a subclass of Array, it won't hurt almost all programs except one which depended CSV::Row#match. and a cell is represented as just a String or nil(NULL). this change will cause widespread destruction."foo.csv", "r") do |row| row.each do |cell| if cell.is_null # using Cell#is_null p "(NULL)" else p # using Cell#data end end end must be just;"foo.csv", "r") do |row| row.each do |cell| if cell.nil? p "(NULL)" else p cell end end end * lib/csv.rb: [CAUTION] record separator(CR, LF, CR+LF) behavior change., CSV.parse, and CSV,generate now do not force opened file binmode. formerly it set binmode explicitly. with, binmode of opened file depends the given mode parameter "r", "w", "rb", and "wb". CSV.parse and CSV.generate open file with "r" and "w". setting mode properly is user's responsibility now. * lib/csv.rb: accepts String as a fs (field separator/column separator) and rs (record separator/row separator) * lib/csv.rb (, CSV.readlines): added. works as and IO.readlines in CSV format. * lib/csv.rb: added CSV.foreach(path, rs = nil, &block). CSV.foreach now does not handle "| cmd" as a path different from IO.foreach. needed? * test/csv/test_csv.rb: updated. * test/ruby/test_float.rb: added test_strtod to test Float("0"). git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e
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