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[rubygems/rubygems] Re-enable `default_ignores` option for standard
I am not sure why this flag was turned off (it wasn't explained in my commit message in 0365dc852767ae589376a7aad1fb129738e408b0 or in my PR in #4411). Whatever the reason, without `default_ignores` turned on, most default CI configurations will immediately fail, as they most likely vendor and cache their dependencies under `vendor`, which will cause standard to run against all the vendored gems and (most likely) fail. I think we should remove this before this feature is released.
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diff --git a/lib/bundler/templates/newgem/ b/lib/bundler/templates/newgem/
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--- a/lib/bundler/templates/newgem/
+++ b/lib/bundler/templates/newgem/
@@ -1,4 +1,2 @@
# For available configuration options, see:
-default_ignores: false