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Update NEWS and documents [ci skip]
[Feature #11297] [Feature #16123]
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@@ -77,6 +77,9 @@ sufficient information, see the ChangeLog file or Redmine
# .bar
.baz # => foo.baz
+* Calling a private method with a literal <code>self.</code> as the receiver
+ is now allowed. [Feature #11297] [Feature #16123]
=== Core classes updates (outstanding ones only)
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@@ -93,7 +93,8 @@ be cached. To call the method, use <code>self.big_calculation</code>.
You can force a method call by using empty argument parentheses as shown above
or by using an explicit receiver like <code>self.</code>. Using an explicit
-receiver may raise a NameError if the method's visibility is not public.
+receiver may raise a NameError if the method's visibility is not public or the
+receiver is the literal <code>self</code>.
Another commonly confusing case is when using a modifier +if+:
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@@ -191,8 +191,8 @@ Here is an example:
a.n b # raises NoMethodError A is not a subclass of B
The third visibility is +private+. A private method may not be called with a
-receiver, not even +self+. If a private method is called with a receiver a
-NoMethodError will be raised.
+receiver, not even if it equals +self+. If a private method is called with a
+receiver other than a literal +self+ a NoMethodError will be raised.
=== +alias+ and +undef+