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* ext/date/date_core.c: Grammar fix found by @aiperon [ci skip]
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diff --git a/ext/date/date_core.c b/ext/date/date_core.c
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--- a/ext/date/date_core.c
+++ b/ext/date/date_core.c
@@ -9539,7 +9539,7 @@ Init_date_core(void)
[solar years][9] since Shakespeare's birthday then the correct
anniversary date would be the 4th May and not the 23rd April.
- So when should use you use `DateTime` in Ruby and when should
+ So when should you use `DateTime` in Ruby and when should
you use `Time`? Almost certainly you'll want to use `Time`
since your app is probably dealing with current dates and
times. However, if you need to deal with dates and times in a