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authorBenoit Daloze <>2020-04-22 21:20:06 +0200
committerHiroshi SHIBATA <>2020-06-05 07:32:42 +0900
commit5f0e84ba8df4faf5f58882958a79a794b95e94c8 (patch)
parent709d58446f5f059a7808d2dcb6bd839f0238f04a (diff)
[rubygems/rubygems] Fix check for testing in the ruby repository
* When testing in the rubygems/rubygems repository, the previous code would move the lib/ dir at the end of $LOAD_PATH, which would cause to load a mix of lib/ RubyGems and in-stdlib-dir RubyGems, which blows up.
Notes: Merged:
1 files changed, 11 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/test/rubygems/test_require.rb b/test/rubygems/test_require.rb
index e61fb41d1b..9e66be51fa 100644
--- a/test/rubygems/test_require.rb
+++ b/test/rubygems/test_require.rb
@@ -252,11 +252,14 @@ class TestGemRequire < Gem::TestCase
stdlib one is already in $LOADED_FEATURES?. Reproducible by running the
spaceship_specific_file test before this one" if java_platform?
- lp = $LOAD_PATH.dup
- lib_dir = File.expand_path(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), "../../lib"))
- if File.exist?(lib_dir)
+ lib_dir = File.expand_path("../../lib", File.dirname(__FILE__))
+ if RbConfig::CONFIG["rubylibdir"] == lib_dir
+ # testing in the ruby repository where RubyGems' lib/ == stdlib lib/
+ # In that case we want to move the stdlib lib/ to still be after b-2 in $LOAD_PATH
+ lp = $LOAD_PATH.dup
$LOAD_PATH.delete lib_dir
$LOAD_PATH.push lib_dir
+ load_path_changed = true
require 'benchmark' # the stdlib
@@ -269,6 +272,7 @@ class TestGemRequire < Gem::TestCase
# Activates a-1, but not b-1 and b-2
assert_require 'test_gem_require_a'
+ assert_equal %w[a-1], loaded_spec_names
assert $LOAD_PATH.include? a1.load_paths[0]
refute $LOAD_PATH.include? b1.load_paths[0]
refute $LOAD_PATH.include? b2.load_paths[0]
@@ -281,7 +285,10 @@ class TestGemRequire < Gem::TestCase
# and that still exists in $LOAD_PATH (further down),
# and as a result #gem_original_require returns false.
refute require('benchmark'), "the benchmark stdlib should be recognized as already loaded"
assert $LOAD_PATH.include? b2.load_paths[0]
+ assert $LOAD_PATH.index(b2.load_paths[0]) < $LOAD_PATH.index(RbConfig::CONFIG["rubylibdir"]),
+ "this test relies on the b-2 gem lib/ to be before stdlib to make sense"
# We detected that we should activate b-2, so we did so, but
# then #gem_original_require decided "I've already got some benchmark.rb" loaded.
@@ -290,7 +297,7 @@ class TestGemRequire < Gem::TestCase
assert_equal %w[a-1 b-2], loaded_spec_names
- $LOAD_PATH.replace lp unless java_platform?
+ $LOAD_PATH.replace lp if load_path_changed
def test_already_activated_direct_conflict