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* lib/README: updated. a patch from Daniel Bovensiepen.
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+Mon Aug 3 17:06:05 2009 Yukihiro Matsumoto <>
+ * lib/README: updated. a patch from Daniel Bovensiepen.
+ [ruby-core:24693]
Mon Aug 3 16:28:09 2009 NAKAMURA Usaku <>
* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_connect): return value was broken when some
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English.rb lets Perl'ish global variables have English names
README this file
+abbrev.rb abbreviation calculator
+base64.rb Base64 de- and encoder
benchmark.rb a benchmark utility
cgi.rb CGI support library
cgi/session.rb CGI session class
-complex.rb complex number support
+cmath.rb math support for complex numbers
+complex.rb includes cmath and set complex arithemtic as default
csv.rb CSV parser/generator
date.rb date object
date/format.rb date parsing and formatting
@@ -13,9 +16,9 @@ drb.rb distributed Ruby
e2mmap.rb exception utilities
erb.rb tiny eRuby library
fileutils.rb file utilities
-finalize.rb adds finalizer to the object
find.rb traverses directory tree
forwardable.rb explicit delegation library
+gauntlet_rubygems.rb Gem package validator
getoptlong.rb GNU getoptlong compatible
gserver.rb general TCP server
ipaddr.rb defines the IPAddr class
@@ -23,11 +26,13 @@ irb.rb interactive ruby
logger.rb simple logging utility
mathn.rb extended math operation
matrix.rb matrix calculation library
+minitest/unit minimal drop-in replacement for test-unit
mkmf.rb Makefile maker
monitor.rb exclusive region monitor for thread
mutex_m.rb mutex mixin
net/ftp.rb ftp access
net/http.rb HTTP access
+net/https.rb HTTPS access
net/imap.rb IMAP4 access
net/pop.rb POP3 access
net/protocol.rb abstract class for net library (DO NOT USE)
@@ -38,7 +43,6 @@ open-uri.rb easy-to-use network interface using URI and Net
open3.rb opens subprocess connection stdin/stdout/stderr
optparse.rb command line option analysis
ostruct.rb python style object
-parsedate.rb parses date string (obsolete)
pathname.rb Object-Oriented Pathname Class
pp.rb pretty print objects
prettyprint.rb pretty printing algorithm
@@ -47,12 +51,19 @@ profile.rb runs ruby profiler
profiler.rb ruby profiler module
pstore.rb persistent object strage using marshal
racc/parser.rb racc (Ruby yACC) runtime
+rake.rb Ruby Make
rational.rb rational number support
-rdoc source-code documentation tool
+rdoc source-code documentation tool
resolv-replace.rb replace Socket DNS by resolve.rb
resolv.rb DNS resolver in Ruby
rexml an XML parser for Ruby, in Ruby
+rinda/rinda.rb Linda distributed computing paradigm for drb
+rinda/ring.rb RingServer for tuplespace
+rinda/tuplespace.rb tuplespace for drb
+rss.rb RSS parser/generator
+rubygems Ruby package management system
scanf.rb scanf for Ruby
+securerandom.rb Secure random number generator interface
set.rb defines the Set class
shell.rb runs commands and does pipeline operations like shell
shellwords.rb split into words like shell
@@ -67,12 +78,14 @@ timeout.rb provides timeout
tmpdir.rb retrieve temporary directory path
tracer.rb execution tracer
tsort.rb topological sorting
+ubygems.rb command line shortcut for RubyGems
un.rb Utilities to replace common UNIX commands in Makefiles etc
uri.rb URI support
uri/ftp.rb ftp scheme support
uri/http.rb http scheme support
uri/https.rb https scheme support
uri/ldap.rb ldap scheme support
+uri/ldaps.rb ldaps scheme support
uri/mailto.rb mailto scheme support
weakref.rb weak reference class
webrick.rb WEB server toolkit