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For example, 0 is an instance of Integer: 0.class returns Integer.
The constants Fixnum and Bignum is bound to Integer.
So obj.kind_of?(Fixnum) works as obj.kind_of?(Integer).
- At C-level, rb_cFixnum and rb_cBignum is same as rb_cInteger.
- So, class based dispatch, such as klass == rb_cFixnum and
- klass == rb_cBignum, should be changed to FIXNUM_P(obj) and
+ At C-level, Fixnum object and Bignum object should be distinguished by
+ FIXNUM_P(obj) and RB_TYPE_P(obj, T_BIGNUM).
+ ruby-2.4.0-preview1 (temporally) removes rb_cFixnum and rb_cBignum
+ to check the effect of incompatibility.
+ (rb_cFixnum and rb_cBignum may be defined as rb_cInteger later if
+ compilation failure of extension library is too big problem.)
* String/Symbol#upcase/downcase/swapcase/capitalize(!) now work for all of
Unicode, not only for ASCII. [Feature #10085]