BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master[ruby/irb] Set maximum document dialog height bytomoya ishida4 hours
ruby_3_1* 2023-05-08 [ci skip]git3 weeks
ruby_3_0Fix previous commitNAKAMURA Usaku8 weeks
ruby_2_7Fix previous commitNAKAMURA Usaku8 weeks
ruby_3_2v3.2.2p53NARUSE, Yui8 weeks
ruby_2_6Fix dtoa buffer overrunusa14 months
ruby_2_5Oops, forgotten to addusa2 years
ruby_2_4Bump version to 2.4.10usa3 years
ruby_2_3* ext/openssl: backport changes from openssl 2.1.2.usa5 years
ruby_2_2merge revision(s) 62968:usa5 years
v3_3_0_preview1commit a1b01e7701...Yuichiro Kaneko2 weeks
v3_0_6commit 23a532679b...NAKAMURA Usaku8 weeks
v2_7_8commit 1f4d455848...NAKAMURA Usaku8 weeks
v3_2_2commit e51014f9c0...NARUSE, Yui8 weeks
v3_1_4commit 957bb7cb81...Hiroshi SHIBATA8 weeks
v3_2_1commit 31819e82c8...NARUSE, Yui4 months
v3_2_0commit a528908271...NARUSE, Yui5 months
v3_2_0_rc1commit 81e274c990...Lars Kanis6 months
v2_7_7commit 168ec2b1e5...NAKAMURA Usaku6 months
v3_0_5commit ba5cf0f7c5...Kazuki Yamaguchi6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-11-07add tag v2_4_0_preview3v2_4_0_preview3naruse
2016-11-07Add NEWS about removing ChangeLognaruse
2016-11-07vcs.rb: suppress warningnobu
2016-11-07add castnobu
2016-11-07vcs.rb: exclude beginning revisionnobu
2016-11-07vcs.rb: unnecessary argumentsnobu
2016-11-07vcs.rb: use chdir optionnobu
2016-11-07Just check that interruption doesn't cause SEGV.shugo
2016-11-07make-snapshot: sort globbed resultsnobu
2016-11-07fix NEWS messageko1