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master* 2022-05-21 [ci skip]git102 min.
ruby_3_1Merge RubyGems-3.3.13 and Bundler-2.3.13Hiroshi SHIBATA3 days
ruby_2_6Fix dtoa buffer overrunusa5 weeks
ruby_3_0Fix dtoa buffer overrunnagachika5 weeks
ruby_2_7Fix dtoa buffer overrunNAKAMURA Usaku5 weeks
ruby_2_5Oops, forgotten to addusa13 months
ruby_2_4Bump version to 2.4.10usa2 years
ruby_2_3* ext/openssl: backport changes from openssl 2.1.2.usa4 years
ruby_2_2merge revision(s) 62968:usa4 years
ruby_2_1* 2016-04-22svn6 years
v2_6_10commit 7b4ea5bb73...usa5 weeks
v3_0_4commit 3fa771dded...nagachika5 weeks
v2_7_6commit c9c2245c0a...NAKAMURA Usaku5 weeks
v3_1_2commit 4491bb740a...NARUSE, Yui5 weeks
v3_2_0_preview1commit f801386f0c...Nobuyoshi Nakada7 weeks
v3_1_1commit 53f5fc4236...NARUSE, Yui3 months
v3_1_0commit fb4df44d16...NARUSE, Yui5 months
v2_6_9commit 8e26731f9e...usa6 months
v2_7_5commit f69aeb8314...NAKAMURA Usaku6 months
v3_0_3commit 3fb7d2cadc...nagachika6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2009-09-08tags r24782 on the trunk as v1_9_2_preview2v1_9_2_preview2yugui
2009-09-07* io.c (rb_io_tell): adjustment for ungotten data.nobu
2009-09-07* io.c (io_encname_bom_p): removed magic number.nobu
2009-09-07* io.c (Init_IO): added rdocs for constants.nobu
2009-09-07* lib/irb/inspector.rb (IRB::INSPECTORS.def_inspector): supportmatz
2009-09-06* insns.def (opt_*): add IC operands.ko1
2009-09-06*, move a id.h generation rule.ko1
2009-09-06* benchmark/driver.rb: remove RUBY_VERSION output.ko1
2009-09-06* vm_insnhelper.c: rename macro name ENABLE_IC_FOR_IVARko1
2009-09-06* 2009-09-07svn