BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
trunkaddr2line.c: this file has no portabilityshyouhei55 min.
ruby_2_5bump up teeny version to 2.5.3.nagachika15 hours
ruby_2_3* ext/openssl: backport changes from openssl 2.1.2.usa34 hours
ruby_2_4updated ext/openssl to 2.0.9usa34 hours
ruby_2_2merge revision(s) 62968:usa7 months
ruby_2_1* 2016-04-22svn2 years
ruby_2_0_0merge revision(s): 53153 and 23405@ruby_1_9_1usa3 years
ruby_1_9_3merge revision(s) 48402:usa4 years
ruby_1_9_2bump patchlevelhone4 years
ruby_1_8_7merge revision(s) 44717:naruse5 years
v2_5_3commit c4b6652223...nagachika15 hours
v2_4_5commit a0143aa5e4...usa34 hours
v2_3_8commit 8d23556886...usa34 hours
v2_5_2commit bf508be28b...nagachika34 hours
v2_6_0_preview2commit 6f59db30c1...naruse5 months
v2_5_1commit 85883dc393...naruse7 months
v2_3_7commit 9bfe7fc5cb...usa7 months
v2_2_10commit 933bb2b8b5...usa7 months
v2_4_4commit a8197e08f5...nagachika7 months
v2_6_0_preview1commit ce0e3fc1b1...naruse8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
55 min.addr2line.c: this file has no portabilityHEADtrunkshyouhei
93 min.* 2018-10-19svn
93 min.tool/insns2vm.rb: get rid of expanding pathsnobu
16 do not overwrite -std=shyouhei
17 hours.travis.yml: add -pedantic build (2nd try)shyouhei
17 hoursrevert r65151, because the other tests were broken.shyouhei
17 hours.travis.yml: add -pedantic buildshyouhei
19 hoursmake-snapshot: package with TarHeadernobu
20 hours* expand tabs.svn
20 hoursfix SEGV in rb_raw_obj_info()shyouhei